So let me introduce Rose!

In celebration to my up and coming launch of my debut novel ‘Just Rose’ I decided we should have a few posts introducing you to my main characters. What better way to get emotionally invested in people you are very soon to meet in the magical world of my book than give you an in-depth view of who they are!

As the book is named after her I think it’s only right that we start with my heroine.

Name : Rose Catherine Turner
Date of birth : August 1st, 1989
Height :5 ft 4
Eye colour : Hazel
Hair : Brunette
Build : Slender yet curvacious
Occupation : Children’s book illustrator
Star sign : Leo
Most noticeable feature; Slightly pouted kissable lips.

A little about Rose.

She was born in central Scotland near Edinburgh to her parents Emily and Walter Turner , youngest of three children she has two older brothers, Thomas and Daniel who both work and live overseas leaving her as the main focus of her retired parents. She had a very normal upbringing in a loving family home with parents who instilled good work and family values. She is a very independent soul, fiery and strong willed and has carved a life out for herself so far afield from her home roots in London in a bid to make a name for herself. She is not easily integrated into busy city life, longing for the quieter days of her childhood with her aunt, when summer consisted of art and lazy days and endless country strolls amid the beautiful highland scenery she misses so much. She attended a primary school and high school in Edinburgh, later going to Glasgow school of Art where she honed her skills as an illustrator putting her on the path to London. She is a very skilled and talented fine artist but works mainly in fantasy characters for quaint stories using watercolors and inks.As a freelance artist, she can move around to wherever her heart desires as most work is done through email, courier and telephone.


Fiery, strong and independent yet very caring and attentive to people’s feelings. Great manners from an old fashioned often sheltered upbringing, Rose is a soft-hearted girly girl with an inner fire that sparks when provoked.She has great self worth and confidence, with a determination to make the most of everything.

Roses favourites!

Food – she’s a lover of all things sweet, cupcakes, doughnuts, fruit pies…you name it , she has a serious confectionary addiction and would live on sweets alone. Rose can be a lazy eater opting for salads, ready made healthy snacks and easy dishes. Cooking is not one of her favourite chores, as an artist it’s a chore in itself.

Books – She is a reader of romance novels, with an air of innocence she goes more for the Danielle Steel novels over erotica, she likes to get lost in the thought of love and hunky hero’s.

Movies : Much like her love of vintage clothes , she is a lover of old movies. Anything from old westerns to classic romance, she takes great delight in snuggling down with any old flick to relax.

Refreshments – Rose is a tea drinker but she’s been known to survive on coffee when a commission is due and never really touching much else except when a party gets going.

Self-indulgences – Rose has a seriously bad addiction to lush products,sweet-smelling bath and body products and fruit perfumes. She likes to smell edible at all times so switches often from fruity to cake smelling scents or sometimes a classic perfume worn by Hollywood’s finest.

Colour – well rose is a lover of pink in all its forms, she’s a girly girl with a weakness for pastel pink in all its glory

Style : Despite living in modern times and having a modern approach to life she is a romantic traditionalist at heart, she wears floaty feminine clothes usually in pastel or dusky shades, she likes elegant things. She has a weakness for sparkly shoes and pretty dresses and her effortless beauty demands vintage looks and accessories, she’s a soul trapped in the wrong era.

Roses dislikes

Rose is a very honest and open kind of person, she has a good heart and tries to see the good in everyone. She hates being lied to or pushed out as she has a very strong set of morals and ethics which guide her, although when led by her heart she can be swayed. Rose just likes to know where she stands and what’s going on, she’s very self-dependent so any efforts to hinder her are usually met with disdain.

Roses Goals!

Rose just wants to find her forever place and be happy , no matter where that is and what it’s doing, she has had many failed non-serious relationships and instead focuses on her work to get her through. She feels that life has been lack lustre and empty and is willing to go anywhere to find that connection to her surroundings and the people, she just wants to belong. Being someone so out of place in modern society she needs to find her old fashioned fit in the world.

Best Rose quotes! (from Just Rose)

‘Don’t you dare talk to her like that and you get the hell away from her! You lay one finger on her so help me god I will snap you like a twig!’

Im pretty sure that’s not where your womb is likely to drop out. It only disturbs me thinking that you and Duncan are doing something awfully wrong if that is your understanding of biology. Stuff I don‘t want to even contemplate or know about.’

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