A huge thank you and a little tear.

I know it’s awfully terrible to post two blog posts in one day but I’m afraid I just have too. You see today two monumental things happened and I have to share or else I may self-combust.

Firstly, I had my first fan review on my facebook authors page and it was such a lovely review I almost cried. As a writer, I can tell you, nothing means more than having genuine readers come and tell you that your book is awesome.  And yes I do reply to my fans, I love taking the time to have a good gossip and get to know you all.
I only released the book on Christmas eve and already there has been a few hundred downloads and over a 1000 pages read on Kindle Unlimited. For a debut novel from an unknown writer, that is pretty massive. What’s even more massive is that so far I have 3 separate 5-star rating reviews.
This brings me to the last and the most epic bit of news. 
Today I was informed that my book is at number 86 of the top 100 best selling Romantic Erotica books on Amazon. In only one week and being an unknown writer. This just made me cry. It means the world to me.
So to all who have downloaded, bought and read my book. I thank you from the bottom of my very deep little tummy, right down to my curling happy toes. You’re making my dreams come true and cannot thank you enough. You’re the reason I will continue to publish what I write, you’re the reason my passion to write still burns strong. To know my book has touched even one reader means so much more than all the money in the world.

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