Paperback received. So much Hype!!!

I hate to bore you all with another post about my book, so I apologise in advance. But I’m just so darn excited!!! You see the hype around my book in the last week has steadily grown, everyone I know is either talking about it or reading it and as of last night I was number 35 in the best selling Romantic Erotica Amazon charts. My happiness levels are literally through the roof and not even the death of Hans Solo can dent my smile. Well, actually, maybe the death of Hans Solo dented it a little, but hey ho… I’m a published Author with a book flying upwards!
Yes, I admit, I’m a star wars geek but don’t tell anyone that I told you. Shhhhh.
Then this truly amazing thing happened….
Today my Author’s copy came !!
Yes, I hugged, kissed and danced with my book and then read about ten pages.
I literally ripped it out of the packaging, then ran around like a loony, high on uppers. Anyone who has ever written a book will understand my crazy behaviour. I’m sorry again, but this is just so darn exciting. It’s like eating ten boxes of fizzy cola bottles and drinking a litre bottle of Irn bru in one go, then being let loose in a ball pit.
I also admit that I do have tendencies of a ten-year-old child, despite my obvious knack for Romantic erotica.
Seems my story has hit the right spot for a lot of you folks out there and I’m starting to get a little following of Jake lovers and Emma sympathisers, you see I already have requests to get the next book out already. I mean practically begging me to hurry it up.
I can assure you, it’s coming. I’m on editing stage and aiming for a month tops to get this perfected. You can’t rush true love wink, wink, hint, hint.
If you haven’t read it then you totally should, I mean it’s like the best thing since sliced bread. Well maybe next to sliced bread and Nutella…Or maybe toast and Nutella…. You get my point. I’m very biased. This book is mine and I love it!
So I would love it if you shared my book, recommended or just hit me up with some love on facebook. I’m living in a little ecstatic bubble right now which totally does not need to pop. 

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