Her Blackened Soul By Isra Sravenheart

💜Her Blackened Soul By Isra Sravenheart


An enchanting dark soul, Lady Isra, meets Astrid the raven. They share a love that leaves them both gasping for more! Lady Isra is cautious of the human race. Hiding herself by casting a spell transforming everything black. Isra meets an intriguing selection of friends and foes, from Astrid the raven to Romeo the python, and the mysterious Kane. Kane seeks Lady Isra out. Kane and Isra meet, the tension slowly building up between them as he finds himself trapped in her kingdom. Will Kane win over Lady Isra? 

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Also available in the Blackened Series 
“Her Blackened Heart” 

💜Author Bio: 

Isra is the author of the Blackened Series Trilogy that consists of the following books: 

“Her Blackened Soul” *Out now* 
“Her Blackened Heart” *Out now* 
“Her Blackened Rose” *Expected 2018* 
“Her Blackened Love” Expected 2018/ 2019 
She is also the author of upcoming paranormal romance novel, “Logan and Serephina’s Transcended Love- Love Beyond No Bounds” Releasing on December 12th 2017! 
She is a lover of all form of magic and nature. She has always been interested in the magical arts stemming from when she was an inquisitive child reading about fairies, nature spirits and magical beings. She also pursued an interest in tarot cards, witchcraft and spirituality in her early to late teens, expanding as she became an adult. When she not writing, she is colouring in adult colouring books, taking photos of nature and scenic beauty and an avid crafter. She also enjoys reading and watching films. Her fave genres are fantasy and horror. 

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