Carrero and it’s playlists – the importance of my songs.

☀️ I feel this is a topic I want to revisit as many fans recently informed me they were unaware that each book even has a playlist. Reading the playlist either during or after the books, really does make a difference to the connection and feelings you have for the story.

💛̾t̾h̾e ̾p̾l̾a̾y̾l̾i̾s̾t̾s ̾i̾n ̾t̾h̾e̾i̾r ̾e̾n̾t̾i̾r̾e̾t̾y💛 

☀️ YES! I have one for each book. These were used in the first stages of writing the books, and I spent a lot of time finding the right music to invoke the right feelings at certain parts – I do use them to write my books.

☀️ In the books some areas have places where songs are specifically named, and in others you will get a feel for each song by listening to the words and guessing at it’s moment in the books.

☀️ Now as I am so super in love with my playlists, I do not want to just throw on a  link and be done with it – Hell no. I want to take some time to point out some important songs, why i love them, and urge you to at least listen to the main ones if a whole playlist is not on your agenda.

☀️ Foremost all my books have a book intro song and a book ending song. Both will enhance the depths of emotions for what you either just finished or are about to read. Especially between books.

☀️ I pick songs whose lyrics are perfect and not just pretty tunes with good titles … lyrics are everything to me. I am a writer after all.


⭐️ The Carrero Effect – The Carrero Influence – The Carrero Solution


Postcards and rear


⭐️ The Carrero Effect


💛Book 1 entire playlist.💛




🎼 Book 1 – Intro This is really just the start of a very important form of communication between Jake and Emma, and really gives us an ironic message – Rescue me is the first hint that maybe Jake needs more than a PA, and this is the first masked message he sends her way.

🎼 Ending – This song is often read and misunderstood, you really need to listen to the words to see Jake’s real message. The last haunting line of the song is ‘Don’t let me go’ with a repetition of ‘Love is never too late’ through the whole song. Poor Jake. 

🎼 Emma’s book 1 song – This song conveys Emma’s biggest fear in people seeing her truths… Her inability to see she deserves love, because of her scars, as Jake begins to change that.

🎼 Jake’s message to Emma – This song really takes everything he wants to say and put’s it out there. Emma never found it until it was too late, his message not so masked now,  but it says everything we all suspected in him.


⭐️ The Carrero Influence


💛Book 2 entire playlist💛

The Carrero Effect (1)


🎼 Book 2  intro – This really is the mind set for BOTH Emma and Jake in their separation. Apart, yet connected emotionally. The words in this beautiful melody showcase the depths of infiltration they have for one another.

🎼 Ending – Jake’s song, a sad ending to a roller coaster book and so full of regret. This is HIS song and his intentions. He knows he has broken things and his plan is set in stone – to win his girl back.

🎼 A very important song – Fans know the importance of this song, but as the writer I love it so much… this was Jake’s way of finally asking Emma about how she felt. He finally took a chance in being rejected properly. Using his infamous songs to convey messages. Bless him. 


⭐️ The Carrero Solution


💛Book 3 entire playlist!💛



🎼 Book 3 intro – This song made everyone cry and really sums up Emma’s emotions in the beginning of the third book. You really cannot see any way for her to move on and this raw song is something maybe some of us can relate to. 

🎼 Ending – This song is an epic wrap up of Emma’s incredible journey and transformation . This is her theme song from now until eternity and conveys just exactly how much she has changed from the dark days of her book 1 introduction. This song is her butterfly transformation.

🎼 Important song – Emma faces her mother, her past, and her reasons for being the way she is. Recognising that even though men scarred her over the years, her mother was at the root of so much more. This is her song about freeing herself of her mother and finally telling her what she really feels about her. 


⭐️ The Carrero Heart books


Postcards and rear (1)


⭐️ The Carrero Heart – Beginning


💛Book 1 entire playlist!💛




🎼 Book 1 intro – You met Sophie in the original 3 books but this starts you off with her aged 20, and exactly how she feels in life. Having a hard time and not knowing why. This sets the tone for her 

🎼 Ending – This song pretty much sums up Sophie and her past and present in one song. If these were movies this would be the fade out song that would reduce you to tears. This song is aimed at Arrick, for the betrayal she feels in what he has done to them and her stubborn nature in not letting anything break her down. Poor Sophie. 

🎼 Sophie and Arrick – They have a special bond, and this song pretty much sums them up effortlessly. Whether Sophie wants it or not. They are two halves of a whole and no matter where they go they cannot run from that.

🎼 Arrick’s view of Sophie – This song is not one of my favourites, but it does make me think of Arrick when I hear it, telling Sophie how precious she is, the faith he has always had in her that she can rise above everything in her past. 


⭐️ The Carrero Heart – The Journey


💛Book 2 entire playlist!💛



🎼 Book 2 intro – This book finds us back with Sophie in a new mindset, trying so hard to move on, but she just cannot stop herself being plagued by memories of him and the good times they shared. Arrick was not always someone who hurt her.

🎼 Ending – This book ended with possibility, a step to a future in the right way and I guess this is a song for Sophie from Arrick. He has a lot to prove to her, and this song sums up exactly what he feels.

🎼 Arrick’s song – This one was almost written by the boy himself, in the first parts of book 2 this is EXACTLY how Arrick felt. His torment at coming to realise he let the best thing in his life go.

🎼 Summing it up – This is a tearjerker song, played at Leila’s party when Arrick dances with Sophie, and unknown to her – It says everything he feels and wants to say to her while she is in his arms. This song will make an appearance in book 6 with more weight to it’s importance. 

🎼 Sophie’s new outlook on life – I guess this song is a little update on Sophie’s personal journey and sums up her new frame of mind at the end of book 2. She has a new outlook, more control and knows where she is going in life.

🎼 Arrick’s song to Sophie – Arry’s head was rather messy through the duration of book 1 and yes, he wasn’t always quick off the mark in book 2, but this song is a promise and an apology to Sophie – telling her that everything is going to be okay. He no longer suffers from blinkers or messy head syndrome. He knows where his heart lies.


⭐️ The Carrero Heart – Happy ever afters


The Carrero Effect (17)


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