Let’s shop Carrero – Collectors bargains

👑 As an avid fan of all things Carrero myself, I quite often come across cute little cheap buys that I want to hoard for my ‘all things Carrero’ book case. It dawned on me today while browsing for some display pieces, that fans of the series might also want to get in on the action, and as a fan myself, I am going to share this weeks finds. These may not initially scream Carrero to you but I have included the reasons they do to me.

👑 You, of course, can buy my official merchandise from either of my stores, but I am a believer in a bargain and hope some of these are helpful.

👑 Official handcrafted Carrero merch

👑 Official Printed Carrero merch


👑 Emma and Jake

s-l500 (6)

 👑 Emma inspired phone case  a meagre £2.99 on Ebay for my Iphone 6, and has various model choices. Her trademark shoes that are iconic as our book cover and a strong symbolic item through Emma’s journey. Walking her path to a stronger place where she leaves these shoes behind.


👑 Why not match it with a sexy phone holder  – £1.69 and free postage in a  range of colours. Like above, those shoes are forever etched as a Carrero trademark. Emma is summed up in book 1 while wearing hers.


👑 As her shoes are her trademark item, Jake is never far from his shades or the symbolic nature of them, and what they become to Emma. We all like to have a little Jake memento on our hands do we not? I cannot see anyone else, but him, when I see a pair of shades.

Jake style sterling silver ring –  £5.82



👑 He may not be a fan of wearing them, but bow ties come to mind when you think of Jake Carrero and as a female, I love to wear a little bow tie in tribute of that sexy Italian. It just seems iconic to billionaire playboy, to have a bow tie.

picture 1 –  £0.99  Picture 2 –  £0.99  Picture 3 £0.99  Picture 4  £0.99

s-l500 (10)

👑 This one is more of a personal favourite , feeling that my heroines do just that. Emma in particular in the conclusion of the trio of her story, when she becomes a voice for so many children, like she was. An ambassador and healer. I love that this is a dog tag style, almost as though she is a soldier returning from a personal war. Which in a way, she does.

Sophie, Emma, Camilla – empowered necklace.  Just 99p and free shipping.

👑Arrick and Sophie


  👑 The king of the ring, our sexy pro MME fighter and his focus on the goal. All things fighter just sum up Arrick to me. I also happen to love that it sticks with our Carrero colour scheme and just effortlessly could match my other Carrero keyrings.

An Arrick boxing glove keyring  on Amazon for £3.99


👑 Arrick and Sophie’s iconic puzzle piece necklace. A really touching moment in book 5 that stands the test of time and becomes easily linked to our young couple. This is still my favourite part of all the books and I am amassing a collection now of all things puzzle pieced.
picture 1 –  £1.07  Picture 2 –  £1.05  Picture 3 £1.07  Picture 4  £1.09

s-l500 (12)

👑 Sophie would approve of this Unicorn iron on transfer, to adorn your clothes, bags or cushions at only £1.99 and free postage. She has an addiction so severe that I do not see it ending any time soon, and you know – because I have the same affliction. Cannot beat some magical and colourful in a life that had been lacking both. Sophie’s childish nature and willingness to dream and fantasise, is what got her through her darkest times.

s-l500 (9)

👑 I just adored these bracelets , especially the first one with the heart and could see Sophie wearing this. With our Carrero colour theme and the cute simple elegance for a fashion student. This is one I will be buying for myself. I feel it somehow just seems to fit.

Gold Heart Carrero colour theme bracelet  – £3.89 posted



👑 This book just screams Sophie to me, when she is planning her future and sketching her designer clothes in book 5. Needless to say it also matches my preferred colour scheme and now I have to have one too. We all have big things to plan this year!! Take a leaf out of Sophie’s book and just reach for the stars with a plan.

Little book of plans –  £5.89 posted

s-l500 (11)

👑 As our Heroines will, Sophie is a force to be reckoned with and no matter what she is faced with, she will always keep going. To me she is the epitome of strength and I adore this quote for her.

She goes on necklace  – 99p and free postage


👑The Carrero Series

👑 Or you could visit our SHOP and buy some branded items to complete the look!! I design all the merchandise myself , in both of our stores so every item you get has my own personal touch.



👑 Happy Shopping. Let me see your Carrero bargains and pictures


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