Knit your own Jake Carrero mini doll

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IMG_0988[1]🤵🏽 You will need ;

Double knit wool in white, black, grey, skin tone, darkest brown and gold yellow. Black seed beads for eyes , white for his shirt buttons (optional – you can sew eyes with black thread) Sewing threads to match your seed beads I use size 2mm knitting needles or ‘toy makers’ needles for a tight stitch. You can use size 12 needles if you have none. It will just make him bigger. IMG_0982[1] 🤵🏽 Abbreviations :  P – Purl. P1 – Purl one. K – Knit. K1 – Knit one. Sts – stitches. KW – knit wise. PW – Purl wise. Inc 1 – Increase 1 stitch. Y.Fwd – Yarn forward around needle. St-st – Stocking Stitch. G-st – Garter stitch. K2 tog – Knit 2 Together. P2 tog – Purl 2 Together. SL1 – slip one stitch. B+T tightly – Break off yarn, leaving a long end and thread it through stitches left on knitting needle, pull together tightly then fasten off. 🤵🏽 Additional instructions – for some of the detailing you will need to be able to make a chain stitch as pictured. This is used for the white cuff under his jacket sleeve and his side burns of hair.

🤵🏽 Head and body


  • Cast on 20 sts in GREY WOOL
  • St st 5 rows
  • K9 in grey, add on white, K2 white, K9 in grey
  • P8 grey, P4 white, P8 grey.
  • K7 Grey, K6 white, K7 grey.
  • P6 grey, P8 white, P6 grey.
  • Add skin tone and K 1 row
  • P2 tog to end (10 sts) – makes neck.
  • KW into each stitch (giving you 20 sts again)
  • St st 10 rows
  • P2 tog to end (10 sts)
  • B +T tightly. Break wool , thread through remaining stitches and pull tight, this is the top of the head.✂️ Sew down back seem, stuff the toy then leave bottom seam open to insert legs later. Take a piece of wool and sew in and out round the neck area, pull up slightly to tighten the neck, tie and sew in wool.

    🤵🏽 Legs , make 2 of these

  • Cast on 15 sts in BLACK WOOL
  • St st 14 rows
  • Cast off

     🤵🏽 Arms , make 2 of these

  • Cast on 10 sts in SKIN TONE WOOL
  • St st 10 rows
  • Cast off

🤵🏽 Jacket sleeves

  • Cast on 8sts in BLACK WOOL
  • St st 8 rows
  • K2 tog, to end (4sts)
  • B + T tightly

✂️ The arms and legs are made up the same way, starting with the cast off edge, and right side facing down, roll the knitted piece towards the cast on end quite tightly creating a thin tube like piece. Sew cast off edge to close the piece and then stitch the base of the leg closed, as this will be the foot or hand, the piece should look like a stuffed tube.

To attach legs push them into open bottom of the open body, side by side, so they are the same length and stitch in place, also closing body. Sew arms up, as before with legs. Then sheave in the little jacket sleeve to conceal most of the arm. Close the shoulder end tightly, to be attached to the body after the jacket is attached. Around the sleeve at the wrist, chain stitch a row of white, to make a faux shirt cuff.

🤵🏽 Jacket

  • Cast on 25 Sts in BLACK WOOL
  • ST st 14 rows
  • Cast off

✂️ The Jacket wraps around the body with the seam in the middle front of the doll. You then fold back the upper corners to make lapels, sew in place. I then tucked back the edge, in the centre front of the jacket, to leave his inner clothes on show. You can opt to do this, make the sash, and have them on show. Or you can shut this seam for a closed jacket. This is now sewn on around his neck, make small stitches in hidden areas to secure the jacket to the body.

🤵🏽 Shirt Collar

  • Cast on 15 sts in WHITE WOOL
  • K 1 row
  • Cast off

✂️ The is sewn around his neck with the cast off seem as the top edge, only sew along this edge into the neck space and leave the gap in front centre of the neck for his bow tie.

🤵🏽 Bow tie

  • Cast on 4sts in GOLD YELLOW WOOL
  • St st 2 rows
  • Cast off

✂️ The little bow tie is fiddly and can be replaced with a felt or ready made Bow tie. You want to flatten it out and then cinch the centre with a strand of wool, wrapped around a couple of times before stitching to the doll. Place in the open gap of his collar.

🤵🏽 Sash

  • Cast on 10sts in GOLD YELLOW WOOL
  • St st 2 rows
  • Cast off.

✂️ Sew this in front of his body to hide the seam from legs to body, this will be hidden by his open Jacket, so try to centre it.

🤵🏽 Hair

Chain Stitch

✂️ I use a method for making a crochet chain, only with no crochet hook, to create a long rope like piece of wool. I then stitch this onto his head and begin to slowly cover where I want his hair to be, it can also be sewn over itself for height, or hairstyle. There are many methods to making doll hair, but this is one I like. Make a very long chain and start by outlining the hair, then simply fill in as you sew it down.

🤵🏽 Details.

  • I sewed 3 white seed beads as shirt buttons.
  • Black seed beads for his eyes, and used my skin tone colour to put a couple of stitches on his face for a nose and mini chain stitched ears.
  • I used brown to stitch in a couple of eyebrows.
  • I used a metal jewellery charm for his iconic sunglasses on his hand.
  • Voila! He is done.

If you have any problems making up this doll, feel free to contact me; either leave a comment below, or find me via the links on the top  of my blog.

👋🏽 Happy crafting knitters xxxxxx Want to thank me for the free pattern every month? Why not buy me a coffee to show your appreciation?


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