Updates for The Carrero Series

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⭐️ A lot have been asking where book 6 is, and what’s happening with Carrero as a whole. So I thought it better to write a post and let you all know and therefore easy to share.


⭐️ 1 . Updates to the books.

This month my lovely editor Emma Mitchell, who is new to my team, has started on book 1 and re-editing every book I have written to date. This is a time consuming process and we are aiming for one book a  month to polish them to perfection.

When I released the books, I was a self published author who made no income from writing. I found it hard to get help with editing as no one I knew had professional skills. Emma is a very patient and amazing professional who will bring the books to the highest standard. This stage takes time and while each one is looked at the covers are being re-addressed.

All the kindle covers have been tweaked already and although it’s minor, it’s a huge difference in how they present.



While this is going on I am slowly removing the paperbacks from all online platforms. The plan was always to replace them one at a time, as each book was finished, but thanks to my fabulous friend Sarah Marie Graye (fellow author , writer of The second cup). I have now the skills and designers to redo all the covers.

At my age I am learning how to use Photoshop so I can remain the controlling voice over my cover designs lol.

Books 1-3 are being downsized from 6×9 inches  to 5×8 to match the standard in paperbacks and the Heart books.
The paperbacks will be put back on Amazon one at a time as each book is polished, so this may take several months for the whole collection to appear. The bonus books will be going through the same process.


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⭐️ 2 . Book 6 

The third heart book is drafted in its entirety, however, life and changes going on at my workplace and organising the series as a whole has delayed the book. This year I am slowing down my writing process to include the new editing and design stage as I get more professional with my output and I hope you bear with me. This month alone we have gutted the offices and my home, moved and had to build work space so I can accommodate my writing area a little better.
I am a very hands on person when it comes to things dealing with my work or my home, so I have been a part of the ‘doing’ which has taken me from writing. I aim to have the book back in front of me and my focus, as soon as my writing space is clear and pretty once more.

This year is really about me transitioning from hobby writer who also runs an online store, to predominantly writer and taking it far more seriously. The series is growing crazily. I never imagined it would start to become the success it is and I really hope all the tweaks and polished look will make me feel like it is more worthy of the praise it gets.

⭐️ 3 . Audio books

I was approached by an international audio publisher about turning the books into audio and we are currently looking into this. If I go with these publishers I will be up among other clients of theirs, Jojo Moyes for eg, and have access to celebrity narrators. It’s very exciting and we are still in the first stages of seeing if this is plausible.

We are also looking at having the books translated into other languages. 2018 is about expanding outside of the UK.


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