Welcome to the Team War


If you are on my Facebook or Twitter, you may have seen some #TeamJake and #TeamArry posts this past 12 hours, scattered randomly across the whole of Facebook.

If you have then bravo, you have seen our war in action and we are now calling upon you to get involved.

I issued my fan group   a challenge on Friday the 15th March – and they rose to it with great decorum.
If you have read all the books in The Carrero Series so far, then you know which Team you are on.

Team war weekend

“The aim of this war is fun. You can find inventive ways to post the hashtags around Facebook until Sunday evening.

Join up and make it a team effort, send each other links to rival posts – one rule …NO tagging the hashtag more than once on a thread each. So if you come across a fellow team with a post up , you can only tag yours once before moving on. Your team mates have to come and help to win a thread if someone posts after you.

Hide them, be sneaky with them and post in groups where members cannot access. The last hashtag on a thread wins the whole point for that post. So watch out for rivals.

On Monday we need proof of them so we can count up the wins!!!
Winning team gets a gold star. Collect 4 gold stars in a row and your whole team gets a prize. We shall do this every couple of weeks!!!
#TeamJake #TeamArry  “


The rules are simple – you can go anywhere and post the hashtag , some have strayed to outside of Facebook now too. SO now we have decided this is an ALL SOCIAL MEDIA battle. You can Type the hashtag or leave it in picture form.
The team with the most wins on Sunday midnight … is the victor.
Own a post by being the last hashtag before we cut off the clock.
Convene with your Team – we are in it to win it.

You can Tag me for Team Arry or my PA Suzie Cairney for Team Jake to verify the wins. You can Screenshot posts in groups we cannot access. We will tally up all points on Monday!

Team members – Be sly, be sneaky, and think outside the box – Do me proud!!!

Copy of Team Badges (1)Not sure who to play for ?
Then you are a neutral #TeamCarrero and your comments are still welcome.



The aim of this war is fun. We shall repeat it in a few weeks so come along and join my Facebook page or my Fan group!

https://www.facebook.com/groups/LTMarshallFans/ << Fangroup

https://www.facebook.com/LTMarshallauthor/ <<< My Page

And so you are in no doubt as to whose team I am on ……


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