Weekend Team War Winner

I am heaving a sigh of relief that our war is now over, do not get me wrong , it was hilarious and fun but also exhausting. I think everyone in my fan group is glad that normal service can resume and we can get back to being friends and chatting books.

It was a crazy successful war of the hashtag teams and one look at a google image search of one of the team hashtags says it all. If you missed what was going on then you can read the original blog post here .

We dominated google.



So who won you say?


Well in a surprising twist we had one rogue fan who just completely refused to give up, or care that as a solo member in a non Carrero team, she had zero chance . SO in the end, we decided that it was this passion, loyalty and determination that deserved the win above all the hoards of Carrero hashtags. #TeamRob was holding her own.





It was unanimous among our mixed Carrero judges that this war was only ever to be had in fun and the millions of hashtags really held no candle to the determination of one fan’s love for a book that she didn’t want to be disloyal to.

If you want to join #TeamRob then pop over to Shirin’s blog and show her some love.

http://opinionatedcupcakes.blogspot.co.uk/ Congratulations Shirin!!!




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