Personal post – Just had to share my bear.

So anyone who knows me on a personal level, knows that I have a severe affliction – rainbows, unicorns, glitter, and fluffy. It’s like my major weaknesses in life and despite my Carrero brand all being sort of monochrome with a hint of yellow gold – I am a complete colour addict. I cannot bypass something sparkly, bright or cute when I am out and about and that includes perusing social media.

I suffer with severe anxiety. A lot of the time it’s directly related to sensory processing disorder which I have in all five of my senses. I have many triggers, such as loud noise, lot’s of chaos, two people talking to me at once etc. I have found that many little tricks help me a lot and having a fluffy snuggle item is an instant calmer when I feel at my most uptight. My anxiety covers a lot of issues and all of them are soothed with the help of furry treasures I keep with me at all times.
I literally collect fluffy, rainbow things as a way to self soothe when I am not coping too well.

I also have a huge respect and major weakness for hand made, handcrafted items. I myself ran a business for many years making and creating and I still do events every summer for my loyal fans over at Liana Marcel on facebook. I find it very calming and have a really creative nature. So to have someone handcraft me a bear to my own specifications at such a high quality, really meant the world to me.

That brings me to the point of this post – ‘Princess Rainbow Candy’. A bear made for me by the wonderful Bedlam Bears on Facebook. She is so exquisite, soft and jointed, I fell in love the second I laid eyes on her. She is simply adorable and makes me so happy in a childish, warm fuzzy way. She was made fast, posted even faster and the bear itself is made with such skill and love that she blew me away.

I will pop the links below should you want to check out this amazing page and how truly skilled they are. All the bears and kitties are handmade and I can tell you, of the highest quality. The bear came carefully packaged in a box covered in bear paws and a lovely little sparkly box and rainbow name tag. I was very impressed with this pages communication, turn around and obvious love and passion in what she does.

So now time for some candid camera bear shots. Expect more as time goes on as this is my new buddy! Chico may have some competition LOL








Bedlam Bears



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