Paperback re-release of The Carrero Effect and a mini update.

If you are a follower of my social media then you will know that in January, all Carrero paperbacks were taken down and removed. This was in readiness for all the books being re-edited, redesigned and formatted by my team at Pict Publishing. It took a two month long, team effort – but book one – The Carrero Effect, was released today officially on Amazon and is now available for purchase.

Get the paperback –

The new look cover is setting the standard for the next books and the flawless interior will be replicated in The Carrero Influence in the next month or so. We have plans to work through all books one by one until we catch up (which should follow the release of book 6)

As an Indie author I am always striving to be better in my craft and give my readers what I feel they deserve. In this case my books needed to be picked apart for flaws and polished and I hope the new version will stand out and do me proud. My readers deserve the best I can give them and that is my goal for all my books this year. Every single book I have released will undergo the same thorough process and be replaced.

I have requested a manual update via amazon for all that own the eBook already and will know within the week if they will send an update to all owners of the book. I shall keep you all informed.

Paperback Release (1)

Mini Update:

'When you break – it breaks me. I need to fix it._ (2)

Those of you eagerly awaiting the release of book six should know that I have been writing it day and night and I am about two thirds to completion. I have not rushed this book, not pushed myself to write as fast as I did with the last books, as I really want to give this couple a book three worthy of their epic start. I have a soft spot for Arrick and Sophie, and I wanted to revel in their lives as long as possible before letting them go out into the world and moving onto the next Carrero book.
We should have a more specific release date very soon and will keep you updated. The beta readers who have seen the first dozen chapters can assure you this is a gripping and emotional final book to their trilogy.


Awesome News!


I can officially announce that I have been offered an audio book deal on The Carrero Effect, and I have accepted. They already have the ball rolling for a narrator. I cannot tell you how excited I am to be working with a publishing company on this.
That means that book one will soon be available on sites like audible to listen to any time you want and could be the start of huge things for Carrero. We are currently discussing the kind of narrator I want to play Emma in the reading of the books and will blog about this when I have more news.


Team Carrero

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