A question a day #1

*** I get asked a lot of questions on a daily basis, both by readers and various marketing officials on interviews etc. So I decided to pick one a day and go into a little more depth on each one.


Question 1 – (well a little trio from one source which counts as one question)

Why are you writing books 7-9 in the Carrero world, after just finishing the last part of your second trilogy? Are you not bored of Carreroland? Is this due to fans asking for more or personal choice?

I love my Carrero world and am just not ready to part ways. I never intended for the series to keep going but every time I write a book another character or two present themselves to me and beg to be center stage. Although I do listen to my fans in a lot of things, I write what I love to write and cannot be swayed. So I am being completely honest when I say that I write Carrero books because I want to and am not ready to go elsewhere. I do have non Carrero books planned, but I write what my heart pushes me to write and at the moment it’s a new Carrero book.

They are like a warm hug. People I know as well as myself and a setting and world that’s like visiting old friends. I am comfortable within the throws of their lives and I am happy to say I have a lot of ideas for future books brimming already. I doubt I will ever bore of this family as they have infinite possibilities. Books 10 – 12 are planned too.

I normally jump to begin a book as soon as one has ended, because of the creative juices bubbling from the ‘finished feeling’. It’s a great way for me to break the way pages of a new book , even if I lay it aside and have a proper break. I can come back with a happy confidence I already have started something I can build on.

I think if it came to a point that these books were boring me, then I would tie it all up in a bow and say goodbye.






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