Author Update for May

After my my book 6 release in April I have been a little on the quiet front. All for good reason though and thought it was about time to give you a  little update.

Audio book

I signed a  contract a few weeks back for The Carrero Effect to be made into an audio book via a publisher. As far as I am aware they are getting the pre-order ready, all cover files have been submitted and it’s just a waiting game for dates.

Book 2 paperback release

We have worked through almost to completion on book 2 The Carrero Influence. it will soon be back up as a paperback with the new look cover and the Ebook updated.

Book 7

I have written 70% of book 1 of the newest trilogy in the series – The Carrero Contract. Part 1 will be subtitled ‘The Arrangement’ And focuses on Camilla Walters and Alexi Carrero , whom you met in book 5. We are currently discussing a quick book release, which means writing all 3 for close release dates before any are released to the public. I am aiming for no later than august 1st for book 1 to come out, but watch this space.

International PR campaign

I am in the process of going through a PR campaign and a press release was sent out just a couple of days ago. I have already had bloggers and such reach out, if you are interested in reviewing The Carrero Effect then please email us – The aim is to get The Carrero Effect a big boost prior to it’s audio pre-order release date. If you run a book blog and wish to join in then do not hesitate to contact us for a copy.

Local press interviews

I recently completed a couple of written interviews and one is for the press in my own county. That will be coming soon.


I have an event in 3 weeks where you can come and meet me. The camper van weekend is called Volksfling and will be on in Biggar in Scotland. I will be there for the full 3 days. Please come say hi.

Details >>> click here

Manchester Author Event – August 4th 2018 – I shall also be at this event signing books.

Details >>> click here

Family life

It’s currently a holiday for my kids from school and unfortunately my family life has been hit with some nasty bugs the last couple of weeks. We have been having a bit of a clear out and getting the germs shifted out of our systems. I am also preparing from my event as both Author and Crafter and will be setting up as Liana Marcel 

Just Rose

I recently had my book returned from my ex publisher and even though it is back on Amazon with a new cover, we are not editing the contents until we have done the third of  Jake and Emma’s books. It’s paperback will follow it’s fresh edit and re-upload later in the year.



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