The Edinburgh Author signing in a week!!!

I am so sad that I have other commitments and cannot make this event. It looks like it’s going to be epic and I found out they are having a Witches and Wizards after party too.

Copy of #EASE2018 (1)

If you are in the Edinburgh area in the next week, then definitely go check it out. There are so many authors to go meet. My Publishing company is one of the named sponsors with many of my fellow Pict authors signing, and my PA will be in attendance too.
You can still sponsor the event too, so if you want to go read up all about the event or track them down on their Facebook page , use the link below.

Copy of #EASE2018

And to sweeten the deal, they just shared this today – a discount on tickets woop woop.

#EASE2018 (1)

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