My weeks update.

I decided I should touch base and catch up with you all as I have been very quiet on the social front. I am sure you will all forgive me though when I tell you I am busily working away on book 7 and on the last stages of writing this book. It won’t be long before The Carrero Contract makes an appearance!!!
I am really excited for you all to meet Camilla and Alexi in this one and also equally anxious about how you will all receive this one. Alexi is not your typical Carrero.

This week I have not got much in the way of news, other than I finally started uploading quick craft videos to my YouTube and will post the videos below. I love to break from writing with quick and easy crafts that keep my cutesy side satisfied. I aim to do more vlogging and author updates too , I am just trying to get organised and will evolve the channel as I go.

I received a sub box from the wonderful Sophie and Toffee and just had to make some new things with UV resin, first time I have worked with it. So, I was kick started in my videos this week, full of inspiration with all this gorgeous weather we have been having.

My kids are now on school holiday too and I was interviewed the other day by a lovely woman from the Konect Magazines. Keep your eyes peeled and I will be sharing the article when it goes to print in August. They currently have my book ad running in one of the local magazines, so let me know if you see it.

So yes, this has been a busy first week of summer and with my Manchester signing only four week s away I am toiling to get this book ready for you before then. I have faith it will be out before I leave though, so fingers crossed.

I shall leave you with my crafts this week, my sane breaks from writing one of the hardest books I have written to date. It’s something new, something a little darker for me and cannot wait to give it to you all.


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