Manchester Author Event 2018

What a weekend it was, and I am still recovering. Rather than bore you with a long recreation of my weekend at the signing I will list the highlights and let the pictures tell you a thousand words.


So we left Scotland……

The 5 hour journey was riddled with pit stops and hot flushes as both freakish hot weather and a sick bug over took me, and I ended up taking a nap mid-drive and being the worst company ever. Ross was probably just happy I shut up for an hour and left him in peace LOL. I did however recover enough to carry on and enjoy the weekend.

I got to stop in at the same services as the Rangers Reserve Squad in full uniform though, which was fun and got to the event before our car decided to stop coo-operating completely. Yes it decided to have a tantrum and not start at all, all weekend. We made it to the Arndale shopping center for some last minute bits before it refused to re-start. Luckily our hotel was a 4 minute walk away. We stayed in the same hotel as the event – Park Inn Radisson In Manchester.

We all met up at a Weatherpersons near the hotel and had ourselves a little author mini party with lots of dancing on the Friday night. Sweating in casual clothes, making a fun spectacle of ourselves and pretty much having a wicked time. Much love to the group from that night who made it so epic. There was around 15 -20 of us who managed along for it.

Saturday was a full day of sunny smiles and more heat, after I slept in and had to get my sidekick Jackie to taxi all the merch from our poor stuck car to the event! We had a non stop brood of visitors coming through all day and the lunch laid on by the hotel was gorgeous. I met so many fab folks and talked myself hoarse while running around like Challenge Annika and gushing out impromptu live videos. We also sold out of books very quickly, due to my book order not arriving and gave away promo packs galore all day.

A mad dance to end the night as we all attended the masquerade ball, and I lost our masks somewhere between the venue and the car LOL. A buffet sit down meal fit for kings, great company and a DJ to take all our song requests. This was the best part of the event and a way to wind down and say goodbye until next time.

…… and then a hectic Sunday of AA car repairs, non stop jolts home in case it happened again and internet issues. We managed it in under 5 hours from hotel to home and I have never been so glad to sit on my own couch. I am still, days later, exhausted but it was well worth it.

I would say the whole weekend was memorable anyway!!!

I am just glad we got enough pictures to remember the fun times! And enough live videos on my page to make sure you got to be a part of it too.
And… I already booked my table for next year so I can honestly say, it was worth every second of it.



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