Carrero Team Wars Are Coming!

If you missed them last time around, then have no fear. It’s nearly that time again and we are super organised for it.

Kicking off on 22nd October 2018 on Facebook!!!

Pre-order The Carrero Contract (3).png

The aim of the game is simple.

You find as many places, groups, pages and internet domains as you can, to post your hashtag, image, and link. Be inventive rather than spammy.

Encourage newbies to your team and get them involved!

We can trace all of your tags through the hashtags for your team so that part is super important. After the 6 days of war we shall take the 7th to count up all the ones we can find. We call this the day of rest!

Now if you are super organised your group can save links on a file to keep track if you wish, that way we miss none. If you post in closed groups then screen shot or add one admin from the Carrero Team to be able to check your posts. That being Suzie or myself.

The winning team all gets a prize!!!

The name of the game is fun and some Carrero promo across ALL social media, so fly far and wide. Don’t annoy people while doing so LOL.

Last time we hit Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, Linked In, blogs, Facebook, Instagram and sneaky websites across the web. Make us proud!!

We have set up groups for each team to strategise and you all have an allocated Team Leader to help out. So join which one you want to be in.

Team Jake

Team Arrick

Team Alexi

Don’t want to take part? Stick to the Fan group where we are making a neutral zone, so no squabbling within the family home ladies!! We can talk about the war in there but it’s not going to count for hashtag drops.

The teams have an image for posting

And profile Pictures should you wish to display them


Kicks off with Carrero week on the 22nd October on my Facebook page!! So make sure you are a liker and watch for our schedule going up nearer the time.

My Facebook page!!!

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