Unicorn Notebook and Pencil Topper

It is no secret I am unicorn obsessed and I have a major weakness for notebooks. I think it’s the love of writing, combined with cute stationary.

I had a request to make an easy notebook and pencil topper and loved how it turned out. I went for simplicity with this one but you can use these templates with felt and stitch your projects for a much more polished look.


I used glitter foam in this video and a tip I should have done before hand was to seal the glitter with a thin layer of acrylic varnish or Mod podge. It turned out cute and I ended up sealing the glitter after I was done filming.

For added cuteness you can mod podge and glitter the pencil to match .
I try to make my crafts simple for all skill levels to follow. I hope this one inspires you to try your own designs too.
All you need is your note book size, your imagination, scissors and glue.
The pencil topper basic shape can be used as a base for many designs.

You can get the template for mine here –

Note book and Pencil Topper

Video tutorial –


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