Bloggers And Book Reviews

I wasn’t intending writing a second blog post today but the past day or so I am repeatedly seeing posts on my social media about bloggers. There is a vast amount of you talking about the fact bloggers are not viable book reviewers. Since when?

I have no idea where this started, or what was said as I cannot find the source and no one seems to actually know where it came from. I have asked around. I do feel however as an author and a reader I want to add my voice to the crowd and make my stance on this matter clear.

Bloggers are a valuable source of not only honest book reviews, but often a good basis to find new books I may never have come upon alone.
I remember a month or two back, a publisher on twitter made a very scathing statement about the validity of bloggers in the book community and met the anger of many authors and bloggers side by side, including me. That post lasted days and the outrage could be felt through the community.
I am saddened to find that this has happened again and bloggers should not have to keep justifying their existence.

As I said in previous blog posts – Bloggers do a very important job for my books. I started out as a no-one and through the voices of small bloggers I found my feet. I found my fan base and it grows still due to the fact some of those fans blog their reviews. They find more ground to travel because of bloggers.

The reviews are refreshing with their honesty, and I would happily work alongside bloggers every day of the week. The process is enjoyable.
I don’t know who first stated their reviews were invalid but I want to tell you that the majority of authors, readers and even publishing houses disagree.
You have a very important role and I can vouch for your usefulness to my books.

I may not always like certain personalities in the blogger world but I respect their profession and would still read their reviews and buy books based on them. I still do. We may never interact again but I admire their skill in book reviewing and their voices in the community. I harbour no ill will to anyone.
Even with recent drama and such I still maintain bloggers are a huge valuable part of this community and have a huge amount of worth. I am pleased to see even the big name publishers agree. Without you, there is no me.

Exposure is exposure.

Your reviews are often thorough, less pompous and far more honest than many paid critics on media platforms. Some of my favourite bloggers have a completely different perspective on some books I have read and find reading them quite an eye opening experience. Some of you have so much passion for the books within your reviews that even if it is not something I would have normally read, you make me want to.

Do not be disheartened by this.

Keep doing what you are doing.

You are valued by those of us who matter. Your followers are not just readers, but authors and other bloggers too.
I spend my days chatting to key bloggers I have read and followed for a while, they add smiles to my day and are always so eager to help. These are my friends, part of the community I love.

If a blog review is not valid, then does that mean reader reviews aren’t either? On Amazon, Goodreads, iTunes? If that’s true why do publishing houses and authors alike try to get as many of them as we can?

Because they are valuable, and valid…….. there is no argument in that.

8 thoughts on “Bloggers And Book Reviews”

      1. That is awful. I guess it’s a group i don’t frequent then. I don’t really use many groups outside the ones I have a lot of friends in now. too much drama happening in them x

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  1. Well said. All of the book bloggers I know or used to know, take such care about their reviews and how they represent an author. They take ages writing and worrying about their review(s) not being good enough.
    I’m not book blogging any more but I hate to see book bloggers being pilloried.
    Sadly, there are a few bad eggs who put book blogging into disrepute but happily they are in the minority. The rest have my fullest admiration for the work they do. For absolutely no pay or reward whatsoever

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  2. Jill, the book blogger whose post is shown here is a friend and if she’s posting about something, it’s something that needs to be addressed.
    I remember book blogger bashing going on when I was still around. It’s ridiculous and completely unnecessary.

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    1. I follow her and was surprised to see her post about it, was after that I saw more and more. It’s very sad that this is a topic that keeps getting thrashed about because people fail to see the value of a blogger.

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