Book Swag Ideas and a Free Printable

Here at Carrero HQ we are always thinking up ways the fans can show some appreciation without spending a fortune in fan merchandise. We also have no issue with other authors using our ideas to make their very own book swag for giveaways and events.
This week we came up with a printable which can be turned into a little fan pack for any budding Carrero obsessive.
For best results we recommend printing on Card stock and if you do not have a laminator then you can use clear jotter protector or wide sticky tape.
If you want to show us your makes , tag us on Facebook and Instagram or use the hashtags #clubcarrero (if you do this on twitter your tweet is auto retweeted by Team Carrero for all to see.

Our printable to make all pictured in either Carrero theme or Just Rose

The Bookmark.

We simply cut this out, laminated it and then also cut that out leaving a little border. A hole punch can put a hole in the base for ribbon or attaching a beaded dangle. If you want to make your bookmark more epic, check our post out here – Click me

The Notelet

Simply print, cut out, write your name and use a paper glue (Pritt stick or double sided tape) to adhere in the book of your choice. We put ours inside our Planner which can be found here – Click me

The Mini Flags

Cut out, use double sided sticky tape or Pritt stick glue to coat the back, fold over a paperclip or cocktail stick to make mini flags. We use our stick flags for cupcakes. Trim off the top wooden spike that peeks out for a neater look.
For paper clips you want to slide it through only one piece of the clip before folding over to adhere.


We laminated our print out and stuck it to a fridge magnet, but you could back this onto felt and add a pin badge brooch or simply glue the piece to a scrap book.


As the rosette is a little more complicated to describe, we have here a video on how to make a version of a rosette for you.

We cut out our printable and laminated it before stitching it to a piece of felt. We glued rows of folded ribbon on the reverse then mounted another piece of circular felt to the back to tidy it up. We then glued on a brooch pin to finish.

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