Carrero Update

Just a brief check in for followers who are patiently waiting.

Book 9
The Carrero Contract – Finding Freedom

It’s being written (we had a lot of personal delays but I swear I am working on it) Release date will come when I have gotten farther into the editing and tweaking stage.

The Carrero Magazine Issue 2

For the same reasons that have delayed the next book, we had to slow down on the magazine. It’s ready to go live next week but we are switching it from quarterly to bi-annually. All subscriptions were cancelled for the new billing and all members were contacted to have it rectified. You will get the online free version link when it goes live.

Alexi’s View Bonus book

It will be coming after book 9. The cover isn’t ready for release yet but the content has been voted on by fans and chapters picked. It will join the other bonus books.

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