WTF Outfox the market???

So I just came home from a school meeting to a recorded delivery threat from Outfox the Market, for being a member of a group of ex customers. A group I was added to and have only ever posted comments in a handful of times while still being a customer. Not anymore (wooohoooo celebrations that day)

For background on my debacle with this company click here

I am laughing so hard. 

I don’t use the group anymore, did when I was trying to get away from them for advice.
1- I no longer use it and never posted anything ‘sue-able’ just the truth. Never took part in any smear campaigns.I have hundreds of unused groups on my FB I never left.
2 – I won’t be bullied by a heavy handed company who blocked my leaving them 3 times unlawfully. Then try and clamp down on customers with their own bully campaign for speaking the truth. 
I was not involved in a ‘smear campaign’ just spoke out about my own experience and now I am seeing why certain individuals are so against you.
Therefore I am well within the boundaries of the law.
‘Spoken defamation is usually referred to as “slander,” while written defamation is usually referred to as “libel.” … Truth is a defense to a defamation lawsuit. It is not libelous or slanderous for a person to repeat a truthful statement about someone, even if the statement may damage that person’s reputation.’
I am no longer a customer so snooping on me on Facebook and handing my personal details to this Bastian PLC, seems like something I should be consulting my own lawyer about.
‘Hate group’ I think it’s more accurate to call them disgruntled current and ex customers speaking out about your company.
If certain members of the group are going out and doing these things, then by all means contact them. The fact you sent a letter to anyone who is a Facebook group member says a lot.
It’s how you operate.
I would love to see proof of how I am implicated and I will bring all my emails and proof of how your company held my account hostage for months and kept refusing my switch for ridiculous reasons. I have proof that you reinstated my DD without my permission. OFGEM has reports about your company already. 
This is just actually typical of the behaviour I have seen from this company on Trust Pilot where they are pulling down peoples reviews and posting personal data online in responses. Total breaches left right and center. 
If any of these people you speak of are my friends then you don’t have a legal right to tell me to cut contact with them….go away. 
More bully tactics from a company I ever regret getting involved with.
Pretty sure snooping on social media, taking a member list and using your customer data base for ex customers details to hand to another company is not lawful….will soon find out. Off to find a phone number.
Want to explain why on anonymous Trust pilot reviews you are posting customers names in response and accusing them of being the authors?? BREACH OF THE DATA PROTECTION ACT right there. Also , there is this thing you need when trying to sue people – proof. So far all I have seen are honest accounts from customers you messed with.
Spend more time rectifying the account issues and less time arguing with reviewers on Trust Pilot, sending scaremongering letters to Facebook group members and heavyhandedly denying half the things your ex customers are complaining you did.
You want people to stop bad reviewing you and bad mouthing your company – rectify and improve.
All your letter has done is add weight to why I would never recommend you.

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