The pirate site stealing our books!

I don’t know if many are aware that another website has popped up that is distributing so many books illegally and acting like it’s no big deal.
I was first made aware of this in a writers group and was shocked to find a lot of the authors listed had been blocked from viewing the website.

Luckily I have not found any of my own books yet, so I am hoping they are not on there but I have found many fellow authors I know and I have seen them trying to get them removed on this thread on twitter.

The owner of the website doesn’t seem to care that he is breaching copyright or illegally sharing our books. Claiming it’s easy to remove books has been proven to be a lie. People on the thread have done so and yet their books remain.

In fact the website is still up and running if you want to check for yourself

I am sick to death of soulless asses like this taking a free ride on the back of authors hard work, sweat and tears. They have zero respect for what we do and act like they have a right to take from us and share it any way they please.

It’s almost as if laws on copyright and intellectual property do not exist. Well he is about to find out that they do in fact exist, and happen to be international too. I hope to god some of the commenters who have been affected on his thread do send their lawyers after him.

He will be singing a different tune when he is slapped with a bunch of law suits from these disgruntled authors.

Forward this to fellow authors and publishers and see if the mass mob in the #writingcommunity can have another website dissolved.
You can report here –

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