Three days of questions.

The lovely Cassandra at the MADEUP blog decided to post on Facebook, a couple of posts asking for questions to deliver to me for deeper insight and I figured it would be easier to read if we split them into 3 days. There are a lot of questions accumulating on Facebook from her two group posts and there are no boundaries on what you can ask.

It started with a twitter post in which she felt she would love to see copies of my books with annotations, to get inside my head and I agreed to this self interview instead.

Cass wanted insight into my process, my mind while in writers mode and things about the characters that she felt needed answers.

It seems you all agreed as the questions are coming in fast and furious.

You can still submit questions for the rest of the day and until my last post on Saturday when I wrap up the last batch of them.

I am not vetting any, leaving very little out (obviously duplicates will be discarded)

So this is your chance to ask me absolutely anything on process, thoughts, feelings, intentions etc.
For example – ‘ Will we see more of Giovanni in upcoming books? ‘ is one of the questions which has been put forward

To get involved you can join my fan group, join the MADEUP book group , post a comment on this blog or use this form to submit. You won’t get a reply on your question but it will appear in a blog post in the next three days.

So , what are you waiting for? … Ask away.

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