Free Knitting Pattern of Nellaphant

A dear friend of mine, Rachel, asked me a week or so back to design her a knitting pattern for an elephant. She is obsessed with them, so as she does so much for me, I decided to take the challenge on. I got her to send me some google images of elephant toys she liked to give me an idea of what she wanted and set to work.

As I am swamped right now I decided to write her one blind – by that I mean I designed it on paper, wrote a rough pattern and pre-warned her she might need to tweak little bits that I had written up badly or in error. I used other designs I had previously made to steal body parts and came up with a Frankenstein of sorts. Luckily it turned out well.

Rachel took on the challenge of then knitting up my pattern, pen in hand to alter as she went and the result is so cute we just had to share.
Show her some love by visiting her blog post and thanking her for Nella right here CLICK ME, also check out her mermaid that she knitted from another of my patterns as a tester.

Rachel of course tweaked the odd detail to perfect Nella and we are so happy to share our collaboration pattern with you for free. It deserves the love of fellow Ellie lovers.

I sell my designs on Etsy but this one was such a joint effort I feel it deserves to be shared with the world. I will be working on the mini version soon, but enjoy this one in the meantime.

I also have a wool, fabric and thread group on Facebook where you can share all sorts of fiber related crafts and get patterns from fellow users.
Join here!!! It’s called Wool, Thread ‘N’ Fabric Addicts!

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