End of the week update

First week back to school for the kiddlywinks and I am exhausted. I gave myself a week or so to recover and get back into a routine before starting the next book and at this rate I may need an extra week. I feel as though I have been reversed over by a truck and then some.

Who knew a school holiday would get me so out of whack and out of shape.

So far this past few days I have been catching up with chores, errands and knitting (supposedly a relaxing hobby). I managed to pop a lot of listings on my Etsy store this past couple of weeks, before I go into my cave for the next book and do not see sunshine for a month. I may have been speed knitting for this exact reason, although I have a few more designs I want to get done before I move to Halloween themed.
Eeeek. I LOVE Halloween.
I have a lot of bright cuddlies to keep me company though, while locked away in my writing cage and wanted to share the one I finished today. He just makes me smile.

Isn’t he adorable?

You can get the free pattern right here by clicking this!!!

I also list all free patterns on this handy page in case you ever cannot find a blog post – Patterns!

I guess I will be posting some yummies over the next week too as I have a couple of baking recipes I want to try out and love nothing more than to share with you. If you like sweet treats I have a page for my shared recipes here – Recipes!

For those impatiently waiting, the next book I have on my ‘to write’ list is – Alexi’s View. The POV book to accompany Carrero 7-9. We shall start on it very, very soon. I promise.

Don’t forget to mosey on over the Facebook page for updates .

Peace out xxx

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