Free Chico the Chihuahua Knitting Pattern

You have probably seen my little side kick, Chico, if you follow me on social media on any platform so I thought it would be cute to make a mini him. The PDF is below and can be yours with one click!! I think I may be biased but he is just the most adorable.

I think I have caught his best features and the cute red coat make him more striking. Chico looks great in red so really had to make it so.

What does Chico think of his Doppelganger? Well, he doesn’t seem too impressed and tried to eat the competition! Better keep them separate I guess. LMAO

Get the pattern here!!!

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7 thoughts on “Free Chico the Chihuahua Knitting Pattern”

  1. Thank you for sharing your patterns and allowing some of them to be free. I knit a lot for charity and would like to know if I need permission to sell them once they’re made.

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    1. Yes you can knit my free patterns for sale or charity. Just be aware that the ‘Force master’ though will land you in hot water if you profit from sales on him with Disney xxx


  2. Hello, thank you for the pattern. I tried to follow though the increases were only 12 stitches with the KW inc1 for the first 2 rows after cast on. I am wondering if I am doing the increases correctly? I ended up with only 6 stitches on each leg! So knitting across for the 10 rows before the head makes it impossible to do the K2tog decreases (where the pattern says “St st 10 rows.
    Next row -***P2tog, P to last 2 sts , P2tog.
    K1 row**.
    Repeat from *** to ** until 14 Sts remain” [I end up with 12 stitches combining the two legs and that’s before decreases!]
    The pattern is so cute and I am not super newbie at knitting but don’t use patterns much (knit harnesses and sweaters for foster dogs), but wanted to try this for my foster chihuahua, Daisy. Sorry such a long comment, and seems no one else is experiencing this short row maybe of stitches with only 6 total each leg (otherwise would it be sewn seams?). Okay, thank you, again.


    1. With 12 stitches then K1, inc1 you should have ended up with 18 sts after that row so not sure how you are ending up with only 6? I have had a few people knit it and not mention any issues. Are you decreasing , instead of increasing?


    2. Okay I think I can see – KW inc1 means knitwise increase 1. not K1, inc1. So you are increasing in every stitch. You will start with 4sts and end up with 16sts. after doing those 2 rows Then decrease again to 11 sts before knitting the legs 13 rows.
      So when you put two rows on one needle it’s 22 stitches to work across to continue to the body.
      I hope that helps x


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