Free Autumn, Dinky Doll Pattern

With the weather taking cold and wet turns this past couple of weeks, I was inspired to give you something cute and seasonal. I am still on writing hiatus for a couple or few weeks yet, due to life commitments and things going on at LT HQ. I am hoping to get on with Alexi’s POV soon as I am dying to get his thoughts out of my busy brain.

I am also trying to organise myself to get back on Youtube but things seem to like piling up on me lately and I get no real head space. One thing at a time right?

So here is Autumn, a tiny dinky dolly, measuring just under 6.5 inches tall.

To get the pattern click the link below.

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5 thoughts on “Free Autumn, Dinky Doll Pattern”

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  2. Hi, I am thinking of starting an Etsy store. I think that your patterns are so cute. Can I potentially sell the finished product of the autumn dinky doll on my Etsy store.
    Thank you,


    1. As long as you credit the design to me then I have no issue with you selling finished items. If you can send me a link I can share the store with people who ask to purchase finished items xx


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