Watch me craft – Wooden unicorn jewellery

I love to make things when I need to relax and allocate time for myself every week to make sure I do something creative. I often upload videos to youtube and as I had a new camera to try out, I decided to make some unicorn jewellery. Sadly the camera didn’t do a very good job at staying sharp and had to limit how much I can zoom in on the video before it blurred. I apologise for that and won’t be using it again.

This style used to be one of my biggest sellers when I ran my online store and went to craft events, so I am now sharing with you how I used to make them. A list of supplies are below.

Materials –
Laser cut wooden shapes – Ebay has a huge variety or pre cut shapes and sizes, so just search what you are looking for.
These are what I bought –
White Gesso as a base for my illustrations
Sharpie markers in pastels
Assorted gel pens, metalic and glitter
Black fine line drawing pen for outlines
UV top coat (or UV resin)
Black permanent Marker
Nail varnish in holo glitter
3 star charms as bails
A necklace chain for assembly
4 4mm glass beads for accent
Pair earring hooks
UV lamp for nails, I use one in the video to spot cure but put my finished piece sin my large UV lamp for 30 minutes each side to cure hard off screen.
Liquid super glue to hold the charms in place.

The video

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