Wood and Resin Mermaid Scene Brooch

After my disappointing video yesterday I felt I had to scrape back a little of my pride with a much better video. Using the wooden shapes to create another piece of jewellery and incorporating the resin in a much more creative way.

I craft while I write, as it helps me focus my self into handling complex plots and intense story lines. So this really is a sign I am working my way back into one of my more complex characters brains. It’s my zen to the chaos that is Carrero.

Today I made my friend heather (My constant cheerleader in all things) a brooch in her favourite theme – anything ocean. She loves blue too so this design is an all round win win.

The materials – Click to go buy

UV resin (your choice of brand)
100g of the brand I use
Resin mould of a frame (this was one I made so no link)
Assorted natural elements, such as sand, shells, moss, starfish
Micro Shells
Star sand
Fine sand
Reindeer Moss
Tiny decorative stones
You can collect natural sand and shells from local beaches
Nail sparkles
Micro marbles
Cake sprinkles in blues and greens
Blue Glitter
Mica powders
Water colour paints
Wooden shapes
Fine liner black drawing pen
Gel pens
Holo nail varnish
Flat back pearls
Brooch blank
Nail file

The video!!

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