Making a Unicorn Cloud Sun-Catching Hanger

I have been so poorly this past week and a half that it was a relief to finally be able to get out of bed and spend short bursts on something creative. I have no patience for lying i n bed and gorging on Netflix , even when too poorly to move so it was absolute torture.
It did give me an opportunity to watch all 10 episodes of the new Dark crystal series and I have to say that not only am I hooked, but I turned my children to the dark side with equal obsession. Now we have to eagerly await a season two #TeamDeet and get our Drk Crystal fix once more.
It took me a few days to make this hanger, as sitting at my desk for prolonged time was not happening and I am thrilled with how this turned out. I initially made it for someone in mind but now I am so in love with it,I may be selfish and hide it for myself. Don’t worry, if I do then I will make the person something just as pretty!!
The video below is pretty long but bear with it as I think the hanger is so cute and worth the time it took to make. Not at all difficult if you are a resin lover, but pretty effective as a gift. Even if it’s one for yourself, LOL.

Epoxy resin – Mastercast 121
Mica pigments
Glitter in white and a mixed glitter of your choice, also gold
Assorted nail art decoration- iridescent, transparent and shaped in pastel colours
White resin paste (white colourant)
Wooden shape (either MDF or plywood)
Eye screws
Chain in any colour
Assorted glass beads in rainbow colours
Pearl beads
Transparent small beads
Head-pins and Eye-pins in silver
Jewellery tools
Glue to secure the eye-screws
Sharpie marker in pink
Polyurethane varnish or glaze to mix up a paint
Pink Acrylic paint
Pearlescent paint in ‘red’ (which is a stronger baby pink)
Letter beads of your choice, spelling out the desired word

The Video

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