Life Update, Nanowrimo and UV resin video

Morning all. It’s a frosty crisp morning for Halloween and I have so much to do today to invite those costumed little kids to my door tonight.

I have a front door to decorate to act as a beacon, welcoming the hoardes, a house to spot clean and kids to tend to in terms of school, home, dinner and dressed up. We are not braving the elements tonight to go trick or treating, so instead will be merrily handing out the sweets to all who come by. We have put extra special effort into our little gift boxes of candy.

Halloween also signals a very important month in the lives of writers and budding writers everywhere. Today is the last day to prep yourself for Nanowrimo!!!

What is NanoWrimo? I hear you say – it’s a 20 year old tradition!

” National Novel Writing Month is an annual Internet-based creative writing project that takes place during the month of November. Participants attempt to write a 50,000-word manuscript between November 1 and November 30. Well-known authors write “pep-talks” to keep them motivated throughout the process. “

Writers huddling on social media to egg one another on, creative juices flowing and the pressure to get yourself a rough draft of a novel written in 1 month. It’s a great experience for newcomers to the writing world and can generate such a buzz.

Personally I don’t really commit to it, as I write my novels in under a month anyway and see this as more of a social endeavour. Last year I started my book mid month and didn’t meet the deadline but it was all in good fun. I enjoy seeing everyone get excited, share progress and generally feel accomplished at having the will power to meet the goal. And of course, nano gives you little rewards at the end if you succeed.

You can add friends on the Nano website, download packs to help your progress and generally make new writer friends online who are all taking part. It’s a pretty great event.

If you want to add me – feel free

I have a book ready to roll and may or may not stick to it this month. We shall see. It’s meant to be fun so no pressure is applied over this side of the camp. LOL. If I make it then Yay, if I don’t ….. there is always next year!

Okay, so to my update.

Life has been incredibly difficult the past 18 months or so, with kids, health, family. Finally I am glad to say we are finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel and our road is taking a bend away from stress. It’s not completely all happy rainbows and candy floss yet but my outlook is way more positive.

My 14 year old daughter was diagnosed with autism, after a long hard battle and currently still being assessed for ADHD. We have spent a lot of time this year going to meetings, appointments and a class to better help her with her immense struggles with school she is having right now. I feel like we are finally reaching a turning point.

I am back to crafting, video making and more importantly, writing. Which is a sign that mentally I myself am doing better. I have been exhausted, run down, recurrently sick for months but finally….feeling I am improving. I was mentally exhausted.
I have been getting my ducks in a row and predict 2020 is going to be a far better year for me.

With this little book on my writing desk. And a giveaway in progress , which you can find out about here –

Now to the video and all the supply links.

This week I went for themed and UV resin, combining the season, the books, the crafts….Halloween bookmarks.

Supplies –

UV resin
Blue tape
Halloween bezels
Fine glitter
Chunky Glitter
Nail varnish
Jewellery supplies starter kit
Metal charms
Triskele charms
Book marks
Resin bows
Googly eyes
Glass crystals
Silicon cup and stirrer

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