#OCFCreativeChallenge for November!

Good morning all. It’s Sunday and a cold, wet, miserable day already even though it is only 8 am. It’s Scotland though so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Rain, clouds, cold weather is all part of its charm. Perfect day for soup on the cooker, staying indoors in cosy sweaters and sitting at my desk to create.

It’s with great excitement I present the new challenge in our creative circles and post the new theme on here for all to see. I myself have started with a lazy art journal page and the video will be below.

The Challenge –

The colour Palette, as you can see, is GALAXY.

So what does that mean?
It means starry nights, universe, space images, dark hues of blue and black and grey, paired with pinks and purples and blues….any colours you can find in a beautiful image of the galaxy.

The word prompt is FANTASY, which is pretty self explanatory but you do not need to use the word prompt in conjunction with the palette. Go wild, let your imagination lead you and nothing needs to make sense.

This is an all crafts challenge. That means whether you draw, sew, knit, paint, sculpt, paper-craft…… even if your craft is gluing buttons to canvas or book folding. Anyone can join in!!!

Just post your work to your profile or ours (OCF craft group) and use the hashtag #OCFCreativeChallenge.
At the end of November we shall publish a YouTube video showing off all the entries we can find in a special video.

So what’s stopping you? Doodle, create, enjoy. This is a fun challenge and you can make multiple pieces all month.

I opted for some quiet Saturday time with my art journal to make a start on mine but intend to switch up to another crafts later in the week.
The purpose of this journal is to relax, not try too hard and just let my mediums play. The result is not always a masterpiece but it’s relaxing and allows me to grow with my skills while keeping a progress check in the form of cute art.

The video –

If you are a follower of my channel you will also see I have uploaded a new Christmas Decor video. I try and make one every year to add some new cuteness to my tree. This one is for wrapped Candy decor. It’s very simple and easy to follow and has verbal instructions to go with what I am doing.


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