Pen Pal with me – Watch me craft

I am new to the pen pal community and became obsessed when I came across a whole crowd of pen pallers who swap paper craft supplies and send gorgeous arty letters to one another. I first signed up to a website set up for finding penpals – and highly recommend it if you want a penpal but have no idea how to get one.

I actually was more successful on Instagram though , where using the hashtag #penpalswanted
found me a girl in Japan and one in Sri Lanka, although the website I signed up to found me a great American crafter match so I am really looking forward to that! Just be mindful of giving out your contact details to people you meet online. Look at profiles and ask questions before committing to address swapping.

Enjoy the video as I bumble through my first attempt as I learn how to put together a pen pal letter. I hope you like my first attempt and I know I will grow in skill as I continue with this. I am so excited about having international snail mail friends.

If you want to be considered to be my pen pal then fill out this contact form and you will get a postal address to send me the first letter. I will reply to any I receive even if it takes me a few weeks and endeavour to film the receiving and replies as often as I can. Alternatively if you want to send me fan mail (I sometimes get that too) then tick that selection on the form so I know to add it to a fan mail opening video
All letters will have to be marked either ‘Penpal’ or ‘Fanmail’ so I know what ones to put in which videos.

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