Aliexpress Craft/Stationary Haul – Bargains!!

I have a video below with all the products I have been collecting since November, I know many love haul videos as it highlights things they might want to buy.

Aliexpress for those who don’t use it, is a wholesale website that used to only sell in bulk. Nowadays it lists single purchases at wholesale prices (mostly from china) and it is easy to use if you do not mind long shipping times. Most of my orders take from 2-6 weeks and some have even topped out at 8 weeks.

The most important thing when using sites like this , is to read the entire listing fully, check for sizes and the reviews which are usually at the bottom. I have had very few fails because I make sure I know exactly what I am getting. This site sells everything from beauty products, clothes and toys to stationary and home decor. I love the craft selections the most as the variety is massive and affordable.

Crafting and paper crafts can be such an expensive hobby so i make it my life mission to find cheap bargains and cute things at the fraction of a price when I can and share them all with you.

Below the video is the list of things in the video, prices and links. I am UK so some of these were all bought with free shipping to UK in mind. Some may vary of you use Aliexpress but live in another country. Not all the listings have free shipping and since purchasing, some have now added it so prices may vary to ones mentioned in the video, now that I have collected links.

A lot of the shops offer shipping discounts though so always check your own shipping with how many items you are purchasing.

Where to buy –

Unicorn create book –
£4.99 – shipping is free with prime.

Carrero Journal –
£8.50 – shipping is free with prime

1 sheet Faux leather fabric £3.52 (there was a shipping charge on this item)-

46 pcs Toadstool stickers £1.17 (shipping charge)

3 sets of 40 transparent flower images £2.67 (including shipping)
Choose your designs

100 pcs vintage book stickers £1.82 (including shipping)

100 wax seals £1.44 (free shipping)

4 pcs unicorn correction tape £1.84 (including shipping)

40 cactus stickers 80p (including shipping)

12 milk liner pens £3.56 (free shipping)

5 pcs blue tone washi tape £1 (free shipping)

4 pcs pink tone washi tape £1 (free shipping)

10 pcs blue pattern washi tape £1.94 (including shipping)

Mechanical pencil plus refills 88p (free shipping)

Planner word and icon stamp set £1.35 (free shipping)

Monthly calendar stamp set £1.56 (including shipping)

12 shts camping scrapbook paper £1.94 (free shipping)

12 shts fox scrapbooking paper £2.01 (free shipping)

40 pcs delicate white lace paper £3.03 (including shipping)

60 pcs starry stickers £1.86 (free shipping)

10 pcs thing gold white washi tape £1.25 (free shipping)

20 pcs thin black and white washi tape £1.53 (free shipping)

30 pcs planet notelets 33p (free shipping)

Gold star ring – this was no longer available so found an alternate
£1.31 (shipping included),searchweb201602_4,searchweb201603_53

Faux druzy bracelet 91p (free shipping)

Gold and clear gem bracelet 73p (free shipping)

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