The world has imploded this past week as leaked evidence has become viral in this weeks most talked about topic on twitter.

Johnny vs Amber

Back in 2016 Amber Heard accused long time beloved actor Johnny Depp of domestic violence and divorced him netting herself $7 million and another 50k a week in a settlement. This included 3 penthouse apartments and a car. The separation came with the signing of non disclosure documents and both parted ways.

Amber went on to rise as a star , landing roles and becoming the face and ambassador against domestic abuse, while Johnny lost his contracts on Pirates of the Caribbean and struggled to get roles. He was dropped by Warner Brother and deemed unemployable.

With minimal dialogue or evidence the world decided he was an abuser – depsite the outcry of his family, friends, ex wife and children that he was being slandered. Witnesses ignored and people abused for merely questioning the truth.

Personally I was with him even way back then. After being a life long fan of a gentle, wise and respected actor with no history of abuse, I was deeply shocked to read about the allegations and my gut told me something was off. Someone does not simply wake up late in life and throw away his entire moral code to start beating a woman. Abusers have it in them all along.

See I spend my life researching and writing about abuse and Amber had some major signs that all was not what it seemed. Little niggles in her behaviours, testimonies and general way she handled life right after. I voiced it with close friends and like everyone else, life carried on and they fell out of the headlines.

Now with Amber breaking the terms of the non disclosure and writing an article on ‘her abuse’ in march 2019, the situation was revisited when Depps lawyers served her with notice to sue for character defamation. Despite never naming him in the article it was a blatant attempt to further smear his name. She broke the terms of the contract and landed herself a lawsuit.

This is where finally my gut feeling became justified and with the recent leaking of an overwhelming amount of evidence , it has been proven that Depp himself was the victim of domestic abuse.

And I don’t mean minor emotional abuse, or toxic relationships – I mean he was the victim of violent and physical abuse that was completely one sided.

Now I could write a massive article detailing all of it, but honestly that would take days and the information is currently being spanned internet wide and easy to find ( I have posted one audio video below to start you off).

The lawyers for Depp have submitted over 3500 pieces of evidence for the upcoming hearing against Heard and the audio, texts, photos and all sorts are now trending online. It’s not hard to find if you type the hashtag #JusticeforJohnnyDepp in google.

Men are abused every single day and yet for some crazy reason, we seem incapable of believing this. There always has to be a ‘they probably were both toxic’ yet that’s not the attitude when a woman comes forward and asks for help. I mean how many said ‘it was probably both of them’ when Amber came out?


Don’t be a hypocrite. Society condemned this man and for 3 years he tried to quietly and privately move on with his life, watching his abuser rise and carve out a name as an ambassador for survivors.

She is NOT my ambassador!! She does not represent me. As a survivor and a voice for abuse victims, I think she should be punished for her crimes.I think she should be made accountable for the lies she told, the life she ruined and the way she profited from all of it.

If you want to hear some of the audio and see the evidence for yourselves, please search the hashtag on YouTube and twitter. Read the articles snowballing every day as more comes to light. They are a shocking amount of proof that Johnny never did anything wrong.

These are only a fraction of what has been leaked and his lawyers have a tidal wave more. 2 dozen audio tapes have been submitted (most recorded by Heard for their marriage counsellor) He didn’t want to hurt her name or expose her when they separated and if she hadn’t continued to try and destroy him 3 years on he probably would have silently gone on suffering and being hated by people who had him all wrong.

I failed to speak out 3 years ago, and I regret it deeply and won’t fail to spread this message now. JK Rowling stood by him when no one else would and for that she has earned a huge step up of respect for me. She clearly saw the proof or too had that same gut feeling that this very known man was innocent.

True feminism is standing up for equality and defending our vulnerable. The #METOO movement empowered victims to speak out and we should be supporting men in the same way when they come forward. If you are a supporter of ending domestic abuse then you should be backing him all the way.

Amber physically abused this man. Let’s not silence him and ignore it the way major news outlets are.

Listen to this audio for a brief insight into what he was living through and tell me you still believe Amber was the victim. If this is just one piece of a mountain of evidence then I am broken hearted to hear what else she did to this man.

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