April Free Knitting Pattern – Doctor Dolly

EDIT _ There was a minor error in the torso part of the pattern. The file has been rectified.

I don’t think the UK has appreciated it’s NHS more than it does right now in this awful global pandemic. They, among many key-workers are keeping our nation afloat and the vast numbers of rainbow patterns flying from my Etsy shop this week is a nod to how much we are showing them we care.

I made this little doll for anyone who is knitting for a special medical worker in your life and hope you enjoy it. Scrub colours can be changed for the nurse, doctor, carer, or any care professional you want to gift.

We didn’t have enough of one shade so please ignore the stripy tunic. We had to make do with currently being unable to go out and just buy supplies. I think it does look rather interesting though lol.

The free PDF download is below the pictures.

Download it here –

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15 thoughts on “April Free Knitting Pattern – Doctor Dolly”

  1. Bonjour , j’ai un petit blog en France, puis je traduire et publié vos explications en français de votre médecin avec le masque(doctor Dolly) pour mes petites mamies tricoteuses.
    J’attends avec impatience votre réponse.
    Amitiés, prenez soin de vous

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    1. Rebonjour j’ai fais une erreur dans mon message, je voulais dire puis-je traduire votre modèle de Doctor Dolly en français et le publier sur mon blog en France.

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      1. Hi there I had to google translate your message so excuse my bad translation here using the same method. Yes I am fine with you translating the pattern to french xxxx Feel free

        Salut, j’ai dû google traduire votre message, alors excusez ma mauvaise traduction ici en utilisant la même méthode. Oui, je suis d’accord avec vous pour traduire le modèle en français xxxx N’hésitez pas


  2. Thank you for this pattern, it is very much appreciated. I do have a question, though: on page 4 you instruct to “KW into each stitch (24 Sts).” I don’t understand KW, Is it a kfb (knit front and back of st)?

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