Hey All.

I hope I find you in good health and better spirits and faring much better than some in these days of lock down. I just thought I would pop on and say hello in between posting about books and knitting patterns.

It’s been a pretty hard slog for my family so far and my partner is still not recovered from issues with his lungs, even though he is now on week 6. He has antibiotics for a chest infection now, and has finished steroids for previous fluid in his lungs. We believe he had the virus some weeks back just before I got sick as did my children, and luckily our symptoms were not as severe as his. My children were very mild although I am still also finding my lungs are taking a long time to recover and have occasional set backs. He has had a really rough few weeks with breathing, fevers etc and continues to struggle through. The hospital have seen him three times now but luckily feel he is best at home with us.

Sadly that meant we went into medical lock down some weeks before the UK did and were only just beginning to be able to come back out when everyone was locked in. So for us it’s already been weeks and I am starting to feel rather frustrated. Cabin fever taking grip and each day is up and down.

I hope all of you are keeping well and able to get supplies and things you need. In the beginning we struggled so badly and could neither get deliveries or anything locally but now we are faring so much better. The panic phase seems to have calmed down and shops are once again stocked with supplies. It makes a massive difference when you no longer have to worry about feeding your family or having to go search for foods.

I have found that unlike a lot of fellow authors who cannot bear to write at this time, writing has kept me sane and if you saw my previous blog about a read along book – Awakening, then I am still going strong and have been surprised with the popularity of said book. What was something of a challenge and a ‘nothing’ to pass the time, has now become something that will be polished and published properly with a view to a continuing series.

It’s a YA werewolf action romance and I have begun to get emails from new readers who are obsessed with it. You can find it on Wattpad if you are interested.

My Knitting pattern for our Dolly in scrubs has been an overwhelming success that has had over 1500 downloads so far here and I have no idea how many on Ravelry, and is being posted in the Let’s get crafty Knit and crochet magazine in the near future. I never expected it to get quite so popular and hope it’s a sign of how generous people are being to our care and key workers. I will be open to suggestions on what I can design for the next freebie, so don’t hesitate to comment.

If you are a joiner in of our crafty challenge every month then April is the following…..

You can read all about it here – Craft Challenge and how to get involved and join in

My you-tube is currently silent but I have so many things to film lined up, I just needed to get myself past the worst of my breathing issues and mentally put myself back on track. A lot are struggling through this time and it’s okay to not be productive and do much in a day. We all have different responses to how we react to this and if you are getting through the day by watching TV in PJ’s, eating all the food and feeling like your failing – Don’t. You are doing just fine.

I have ADHD traits among other things so my response to any kind of trigger, anxiety etc is to do things… to be productive, to not sit still or mentally be at peace and even I am sometimes not doing anything at all.

Stay safe, do what you feel like doing. You are in a state of trauma and it may not seem like it now, but the most important thing to you and your family is just staying in, taking one day at a time no matter how that looks.

We will get through this.. It won’t be forever and if anyone ever needs someone to write to and just reach out then here – enquiries@ltmarshall.blog.

Let me know if you knit my items, read my books or just follow my blog because you like it. I am always happy to hear from you all.

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