Penpal mail, stationary haul and a journal page

I hope I am finding you all well today. These past weeks I am starting to get myself back together and finally return to YouTube too.

This blog accompanies the following video and is a place to bring all the links together in one place in case you want to purchase anything you see.

Wax spoon stand

Journaling stationary gift set

Fern stamp

Van Gogh ring

Cute dinosaur stickers

Abalone shell

Purple flower stickers

Assorted trees and leaves washi tape box

Assorted flowers and leaves washi tape box

Craft brown corner stickers

Planet stickers

Gold sentiment stickers

Washi heart stickers

Fox washi tape assorted box

Unicorn stickers

5pc set ‘easter’ washi tape

Neon washi tape

She believed stickers

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