Good Morning

I thought I would check in with a blog post and see how everyone is doing. I hope you are all well and feel free to comment below and update me on things.

We have had a busy week so far and so many highs and lows.
Firstly I would like to thank all my readers and fans who have been along for the ride with the Awakening book. We are two chapters away form completion of book 1 with the read along on Wattpad and it’s been great to have the book chat almost daily. I never thought I would enjoy a supernatural romance as much as I have done and once the book is done we will be taking it and polishing it for Amazon publishing release. Book 2 is planned so we shall see where that takes us.

Click here for the book.

I have not forgotten about Carrero but I am enjoying the side track for a bit.

We have been working on our gardens this week and yesterday we completely ripped up my entire front flower beds to start installing raised planters. Our garden is going to be a few weeks worth of work but I think the end result will be completely worth it and will share pictures when it is done. Sadly though my hay fever isn’t too happy about it and yesterday I completely lost my voice and am today now in the throes of a terrible head cold and sore throat. I know it will only last a couple of days as I did the same to myself the week before LOL. My allergy medication can only shield me so much.

I have been baking and cooking some days as what else besides chores and crafts is there to do? I don’t watch TV much but I did enjoy the new Lion King movie with my kids and we have been littering home school among our other activities. I am finding homeschooling to be a hard task and with two autistic children who find the change in routine hard, we are going very slowly.

I took a lot of down time to design a new pattern for my Etsy shop too so here is my bunny.
I called her HOPE. I thought with the rainbow colours, her sweet face and the fact she is a comforting cuddle companion that it was a very fitting name for our current situation. A lot of you are buying my rainbow hanger pattern and I wanted something equally cute that may be an option for those who prefer knitting toys to gift, than hangers.

If you would like the pattern for Hope then click here

I will be taking some down time this weekend to clean the house back to hygienic, possibly sort out a few things in the garden and craft room in readiness for next week and order some supplies for some projects.
Let me know what you are doing, reading, writing or creating and I will see you soon xx

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