Knitting book series going live

By popular demand I have been turning my knitting patterns I sell over on Etsy into printed books. The Unicorn and Rainbow Makes has been live for a few months and recently began to spike in sales, so it pushed me to get two more of the books organised. So today I added the Halloween book in time for this years celebration and a charity knits book. The charity knits are my most downloaded and bought patterns for the past few weeks.

Pastimes like knitting are incredibly popular during this pandemic and I have found so many who just want to pull out a book and get through the days by knitting something fun. I love to be the designer of that something fun and will continue to bring out more books in this series in the near future. If it brings you joy, then it brings me joy.

If you have any suggestions for patterns then do not hesitate to comment below. I work on designs between writing books and making videos so love to get ideas from you all.

My books for sale so far are below

Unicorn rainbow makes can be found here

Loulou Belle Dolly can be found here

Halloween Spooky Makes click here

Cute Charity Makes click here

More create books from me are….

Colour and Create can be found here

Unicorn colouring book can be found here

And of course if you are a romance reader you can find all my published romance books right here

Enjoy your day and stay safe x

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