Our Monthly Craft Challenge – July

Hey all. it feels like an age since I have been here. I have been so poorly on and off and trying to recover.
After writing the awakening book my health once again deteriorated and my breathing issues relapsed. Sadly it was confirmed that this began with my catching the dreaded C virus and recovery may take me months yet. It seems to leave some with a long period of breathing issues but I am hopeful the damage is not permanent.
In the meantime let’s try and get back to a regular normal and kick-start our new months art and craft challenge.

This months challenge has grown and we are happy to welcome our collaborators
The Crafty Cafe – Creative Group
Please join the group to keep taking part in the challenge so you can see members entries. – https://www.facebook.com/groups/2598221400412744/
Also our new collaborator
JacBnimble ATC Group
You can access her ATC rules here https://www.facebook.com/112867167122253/posts/116730983402538/
You can post entries on any of those two, in here, or post all craft entries on our page (click the OCF profile for the pinned post) Resin entries below this if you want to keep it in group.

Alternately join our group
or post on our page

It’s a set palette of colours and a word prompt as usual, only now we have 2 hashtags.

This months prompt is ICECREAM

The colour Palette is CREAMS, BROWNS, PINKS

You can use the word alone or the palette as inspiration, or combined and we encourage any craft or medium.

That means you can draw, paint, sew, knit, sculpt or anything else your heart desires in either the palette, or related to the word (or both)

If you want to join in then please join the group so you see the updates and can join and post in there too. You can also still post under this or on your own pages.

Using the hashtags

#OCFcreativechallenge and #TCCCreativeChallenge and #jacbnimbleatcgroup

That way we can find the pictures and admire one another’s work. If you are shy you can obviously stick to just in the group. If you want to see previous work type in the hashtags into the Facebook search and they will appear.

I post the challenge to YouTube every month so we get more involvement and many post on other platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram and blogs. I also post images of your work at the end of videos if you agree to being shared. ( we usually pick a few from the abundance)

It’s a fun challenge, designed to keeping you crafty and being part of a supportive group. Really great for some stress relief and many have joined in who previously did not create at all.

Happy crafting and cannot wait to see what you come up with.

2 thoughts on “Our Monthly Craft Challenge – July”

    1. That’s what is so frustrating. Not knowing how long it will last or the proper route to treat. I am glad it is slowly improving. xxx

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