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Good morning, you wonderful people.

I just wanted to jump on and share a new project I’m working on, alongside my Awakening book. It may surprise some, but those who know me personally will not be surprised at all.

A little known fact is that I have a severe addiction to Asian Romance books, that can be found on a multitude of reading apps. These apps are a plenty and can be found on most smart phone app shops under names such as Webnovel, Hinovel, Ireader etc. I currently have seven of them on my phone and all open with different books. In the last months of lockdown I have concentrated solely on reading this way and giving Kindle a break just for the pure joy of this genre. I find the reading lasts so much longer as these books have much longer word counts that a typical novel. You really immerse in a whole world each and ever time.

I find the genre to be more wholesome in some ways, I guess because the plot is always emotion based and not lust, more dramatic and with many tropes and specifics that just wouldn’t settle in western contemporary romance. I think for me, it’s that traditionalism meets modern that really caught me. It’s an addiction, and I have fallen in love with the long, complex, multi character plots. The cultural nudges that are still strong even in the modern ones and the sweet often misunderstood heroines. Always ending up to be bold, fierce and independent.

Love plays a massive role in the stories, most are no sex at all, and they can vary in length. Some running into thousands of chapters and known as a ‘serial’ novels. These ones splay off into other characters stories within one book, but always keep the main couple central to the overall plot.

I also love the fact that these stories are 100% reader written, and not from publishing houses or restrained by writing rules. Although many are badly translated to English so it’s an adjustment that you have to make and it’s not something I see many negative reviews about. the communities on these apps seem grateful for the joy of stories and like me, ignore the flaws. This is another layer to self publishing and the apps also encourage fan building, interacting, and creating a following. Reading is a huge pastime in Asian countries and the apps overwhelming billions of books I have never seen on Kindle, are proof of that. To date I have only found one of these serial books on Kindle and it was 6 books for one love story.

Awakening began after a discovery of these apps and finding myself surrounded by werewolf stories at my fans requests. Then I moved into the genre I love most – contemporary romance and my fate was sealed. Now having read dozens upon dozens, I have finally submitted my own ‘Asian romance’, following common tropes and trying to be respectful to the things I have learned in the past year of reading them. I am leaving them it for the apps only and won’t be moving this to a published book at a later date. I intend to continue it as long as the story pulls me through and see it as a relaxing hobby away from my other books. I guess it’s a chance to not be so anal on my writing and improving my ability to write first pass chapters.

This won’t be as detailed as my normal books, it’s a chapter a day release kind of thing, but won’t be pre-writing a draft and then padding as I do with my normal books, so it will not be as polished. This is purely an indulgent write, based on the many of this genre that have made me fall in love with this style and the possibility of writing in a new way.

So behold – a popular trending trope of arranged modern marriage. A misunderstoof heroine ina difficult position and a cold husband. I can’t even tell you how many of these stories have drawn me in these past months LOL.

Five chapters already available and I hope to update very often when I need some relaxation. I am tossing the writing rule book aside for this one. Allowing some tongue in cheek writing. –

It is also going to appear on the app HINOVEL, but for now is still under review.

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