Awakening, Korea, and more ….

It’s Update Time!!!

It feels like it has been an age since I wrote to you all and for that, I can only apologise. Things have been hectic and very busy and I even have recently suffered a recent bout of burnout. So what has all been happening in my neck of the woods I hear you ask? Firstly, the exciting stuff…..
I have launched 2nd and 3rd youtube channels. 

The 2nd channel is a new exciting venture and is accompanied by a new Facebook page too. (here – I joined forces with a very talented author named Louise Dawn and together we are jetting off to South Korea in May next year to create a short film while also filming a documentary of our visit. Watch our vlogs and updates as we try Korean things, work on scripts and share some of our busy lives with you all.
Lean and Loo has already amassed a 1k following in the short time it has been there. It’s a vlog/author channel. Comes complete with Korean subtitles.
We are being followed by a Korean film crew and production company who will enjoy our travels and watch us create a Korean 7-minute film from a script we create and you help to choose on youtube. The short film will then also be aired for your viewing pleasure and we hope it kickstart many projects in East Asia for us. 
The youtube channel –

The 3rd channel is a little more personal and is related to my own life as a crafter, writer, mother, and such and is a quiet, wind-down lifestyle vlog. Cooking, crafts, gardening, and a lot of pretty nature in Scotland, where I live. Expect calm, easy watching.
Find it here –
 Thy Witch’s Kitchen.

 Book update

This, I am sure you are waiting on. If you didn’t know I recently finished my Til Death DO Us Part book and it is now on kindle. 
The new book on my list to get to is an Awakening series book and is as follows…

Unah Traijy is one of the chosen. A girl taken into the House of Algor at the age of 9 due to tragic circumstances to train and devote herself to a pledged existence. As a tribute for a vampire high lord of whom she will be gifted as both lifetime servant, and feeder.
Tributes are considered high honour among the mountain people who sacrifice their eldest-born children to the order to keep the peace treaty between humans and vampires that has existed for hundreds of years.
Unah was never meant to be one of them, but upon being gifted by Lord Varro to his Shadow Knight commander Darrius Daneste, she is about to embark on an adventure she could not see coming.
Fate has a way of changing everything and her story takes a turn with an accusation, a lie, and a betrayal.

It will be popping up on reading apps first and then Inkitt, Wattpad, and others before making its way to Kindle when complete.

If you want to find the previous books on Kindle then click here –

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