Lean & Loo launch our first book!

It’s here, and it is Lean & Loo’s debut joint children’s book.

Square Sam and The Round School.

Based on a blog post Leanne wrote many years ago, about being a square peg in a round hole after discovering she was on the spectrum, they came up with this adorable little character. Teaching children that not everyone is the same and that sometimes we struggle with things other people don’t.

Join Sam as he learns what it’s like to be different and how to navigate a world that was never made for him.

Celebrate your difference.

Get the book – https://getbook.at/SquareSam

Want to read the original blog post that started it all?
Click right here – https://ltmarshall.com/2018/06/20/square-peg/

To learn more about us hit the Lean & Loo tag in our menu page.

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