Carrero Fantasy Cast List

Fan fantasy cast, you can cast your suggestions below. These images are all fan supplied and is a make believe cast list for the books.
Want to send me an image you made ?
You can use social media square template and email the picture to 

16681865_1238902496187985_5065153209038404705_n   24131253_1528812180530347_325186326473385039_n

24231907_1533512766726955_8315361018109207140_n   24796808_1533519200059645_6645347551002973156_n

 16730534_1238361012908800_3847339631195538119_n     22279398_1468618006549765_4397462375015110170_n


Additional cast suggestions –

Top row , left to right

Giovanni, Margo, Sylvana

Bottom row, left to right

Marcus, Jocelyn, Marissa

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