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I am often sent questions or emails about my books. Sometimes people just want to reach out, and quite often, my social media is teaming with lovely messages. I wanted to make it easier for those who do not like using social media to make contact or go via my main contact addresses. This email is set up for the fan mail posts only, and you can send me any type of fan email you want.

 The email address is

I am also frequently asked if people can send me gifts, and I absolutely adore the things which are sent to me and do use or display them. As it is not wise for me to share personal details, I now have a gift list on Amazon, which keeps my address safeguarded, but you can directly send me a gift and add a printed message to come with it. Sadly it does not give me reply details, so any physical gifts I receive I share images of on my Facebook and Instagram.
The gift list is full of various price brackets and can be sorted from lowest to highest to organise it for your choosing. I update it regularly to give fans a variation of prices and choices.

Alternatively, you can use this contact form, and the messages will go to the same place.



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