DIY little felt bird ornament…cute sewing project

This week I am sharing with you one of my favourite felt projects. I designed this a very long time ago and found them to be a great gift item for various occasions. They can be made in so many colours and styles. Both with legs and without.


This is the rough pattern i made, If you print this on a4 size then it gives you the size of bird i use but it can be sized to pretty much anything you desire.

You will need ;-
Felt, Sewing pins,stuffing, sharp scissors, your template, needle and thread. Seed bead for eyes and craft wire if you want to add feet for standing birds.Wire cutting and shaping tools, nail varnish in your choice of colour to paint the legs and feet.


You will cut out the template , maybe neaten my lines as you go as there so awful hahaha. Pin them to your felt and draw around. I find drawing your outlines much better and more accurate. Just be sure to draw them on the back of your felt facing your pieces accordingly.

Ok to make the bird is a little more complicated .  I am going to film the process and add the video below this as soon as its ready!

The bird template –Felt Bird Pattern (1) <<<Click here for a pdf

Felt Bird Pattern