Lean & Loo

Introducing Lean & Loo (Leanne and Louise)

This came about after forming a friendship with a fellow author across the globe (Louise Dawn) and having a common desire to visit Korea. Which is now happening in Spring 2023!!!

We have both been avid Kdrama and Kpop fans for a number of years (low-key Army), and this organically developed when we became friends with a filmmaker and video producer called Yujin. He came up with a plan of following us with his crew for our entire trip and making a travel vlog documentary.

He loved the idea of two western authors who were very different, with completely different accents and cultures, working together while discovering Korean culture and food. As individuals, we are both a little zany, and he found us perfect as hosts.

Fast forward a year of chatting it out, and we decided to go to Korea to film a 3-week documentary and, while there, film 3 short movies that we create ourselves. That involved sitting writing 3 film concepts we can refine, picking actors and locations, and even directing the content when we get there!!

So follow us on our progression from authors to screenwriters, then producers, and THEN directors. All while, in a country where English is rarely spoken, and neither of us has come far in our learning of Korean. It will be interesting for sure.

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